Peter Saville

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Peter Saville was born October 1955, in the Manchester England. He is well known for his art direction based in London and his works for well known company Factory Records. Saville attended St Ambrose College, and studied a Graphic Design course at Manchester Polytech and later Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) from 1975 to 1979. Peter is famous for designing record sleeve covers for famous bands signed to Factory Records, Most notably bands like Joy Division and New Order.

Saville was influenced by a fellow student Malcom Garrett, who began designing for Manchester punk group The Buzzcocks. He also a featured in a page of Herbert Spenchers “Pioneers of Modern Typography”. Saville entered the music scene after meeting Tony Wilson, the journalist and TV presenter. He approached him at a Patti Smith concert in 1978, Wilson commissioned the first factory records poster. Saville deigned the album cover for Joy Division’s – Closer Album in 1980, and it was a very controversial, it showed Christ’s body entombed. In 1979 he moved from Manchester to London, to become an art director of the Virgin Offshoot, DinDisc. He created a body of work and refined his interest in Modernism.

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Saville has worked for Roxy Music, Duran Duran, Wham! and Orchestral Manoevres in the Dark. He founded the design company Peter Saville Associates. till designing primarily for music artists and record labels). In 1993 he left London and moved to Los Angeles, and joined the ad agency in Frankfurt Balkind with his long time collaborator Brett Wickens. He returned to london for a brief period then he founded The Apartment for German Advertising  agency Meire’ & Meire’. Saville grew in demand as a younger generation of people in advertising had grown up with his Factory Records work. I think that Saville’s work i very contemporary and minimalist as well as being modernist. I think this is because Saville has a very subtle way of communicating space and emotion. I also think that Saville’s work always seems to specific to the client, and his work ranges with influences from cubism, minimalism, surrealism and realism. His work is not only traditional but also very unique at the same time, and i can easily see Saville’s influences.

Saville’s work



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