Susan Kare


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Susan Kare was born 1954 and is a well known artist and designer. Susan created many of the interfaces for Macintoshes Apple computers in the 1980s. Susan was also formally one of the origional employees of NeXT, the company formed by Steve Jobs, after leaving Apple in 1985, working as the creative director.

Susan was born in Ithica, New York and the sister to Rocket Scientist Jordin Kare. She earned her P.h.D from the University of New York in 1975 and moved to San Fransisco and then worked for an art museum. Kare joined Apple Computer INC in the early 1980’s after recieveing a call from her former high school friend. She was the creative director for 1982 to 1985. Susan designed most of the origional intefaces for the first Macintish OS computers back in the early 80’s. Susan created such tools as the Lasso, The Grabber and the Paint Bucket tools.

I read that Susan was an early pioneer of pixel art and she created the well known Chicago typeface, as well as the typeface used for the first four generations of apple ipods. When Susan joined NeXT as the creative designer she become a well known designer working for such companies as IBM and Microsoft. Her projects for Mirosoft included such games as Windows 3.0 Solitaire as well as Windows elements and icons. I really liked the examples of Susan’s work, her life has impacted the digital world greatly,  and i feel she is very under rated and hasn’t had the recognition as an influential designer. I really liked the games she designed for windows such as Solitaire. I regularly use the tools she created in my everyday project work and i really find them a fantastic facility to use. I believe that Susan has worked for both Windows and Macintosh computers, and until i researched her name i’d never heard of her. This is a good indicator of  under rated she is a successful designer.


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