Pentagram Design Studios


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Pentagram design was founded by graphic designer Alan Fletcher, Theo Crosby, Colin Forbes and Kenneth Grange in Needham Road, West London. They now have offices in the New York, San Francisco, Austin and Berlin. Pentagram was founded by a group of independaqnt graphic designers looking to create a firm of equals. Theo Crosby claimed that structure was suggested to him by working for a 1950’s exhibition called This is Tomorrow. Theo claims that it was the first chance he had to work horizontally and loose organisation of equals.

Wityh Pentagrams wide variety of design jobs they have produced works for well known companies such as Tesco, Boots, 3com, Swatch, Tiffany & Co, Dell, Nike and Timex. I was overwhelmed by the imense works done for these companies by Pentagram, and the quality of work, Pentagram are a seriously well established design company and one of which i am very intruiged by, this is one company i want to research more of for this project.

The firm currantly consists of 17 partner designers in 5 cities each leading a team of designers. Each group of partners share the income equally, including overhead and staff resources. This company has no CEO or leader, the company works with equal say for all its designers and works as a team. I recently looked at some of the work of Pentagram design, and they have a wide range of works ranging from packaging design to advertising to building design and posters. So basically the whole Graphic Design range, i see this works well as the companys figure head designers such as Alan Fletcher and Theo Crosby have there own influences in design terms. I feel that as a whole, Pentagram has influenced the design industry very heavily, it has has created a stepping stone to designers of many other generations to follow, such as Stefan Sagmeister of Sagmeiser inc for example. I think that the figure heads of Pentagram give it a status as being one of the best design production companies in the world.  I think also that some of the work produced by Pentagram is some of the most influential in the world today.


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