Stefan Sagmeister


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Stefan Sagmeister is a famous graphic designer and typographer born in 1962 in Bregenz, Austria. Stefan currently lives in Bali, Indonesia. The majour part of Stefans carrier was based around New York in USA. Stefan has famously designed CD covers for such bands as Lou Reed, Ok Go, The Rolling Stones, David Bryne, Aerosmith and Pat Metheny.

Stefan first studied graphic design at The University of Applied Arts in Vienna, and he later recieved a Fullbright Scholarship to study at the Pratt Institute in New York where hisn career soon boomed. Stefan soon become known for his magestic and fluid design techniques and started a design career at Alphorn, an Austrian youth magazine. He named it after the traditional Alphine musical instrument.

Stefan soon realised he could go further with his career and moved to Hong Kong in 1991, for th chance to work on Leo Burnett’s Hong Kong Designgroup. He later returned to New York in 1993. Sagmeister is also famous for creating “Sagmeister inc” in New York.

Its documeted that Sagmesiter goes on a year sabbatical every 7 years to refresh himself as a graphic designer, to work on his own ideas and his influences. He is also rumoured during this transistional period to not take work from any clients, no matter how tempting. I also read thast he once was offered a job during his sabbatical to create campeign posters for Barrack Obama during the presidential elections, but he refused it.


1 of Sagmeisters famous peices of artwork (image rights belong to Stefan Sagmeister of Sagmeister INC and file hoster 

I was truly interested in Sagmeister and so i looked at which featured the famous Sagmeister inc co-operation, and it had some very interesting information, one section gave advice to up comming graphic designers and students. one question given to Sagmeister was “Whate advice would you give to graphic design students” hes replied ” Work your ass off, and do as much as possible. Find what your good at and get good at it”. I foudnt hsi to be truly inspiring.


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