Spike Jonze


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Spike Jonze was born as Adam Spiegel in October 22 1969. He is an American producer and director of films, adverts,tv and music videos and has also workd as a co-producer for MTV’s Jackass and VBS tv. He is also part owner to Girl Skateboards, which is a skateboard company that supplies equipment. Jonze was raised in Rockville, Maryland in the USA. During high school Jonze worked for the Rockville BMX store where his co-workers gave him the name Spike Jonze. Jonze was also a photographer for “Freestylin”, Jonze also fronted Club Homeboy an international BMX company.

In 2006 Jonze was nominated by the Directors Guild of America for Outstanding  Achievements in Commercial, and was famous for his work in MTV’s jackass and Jackass the movie in 2005. Jonze has also acted in some films and in such roles as “The Three Kings” as the sweet, which was directed by his friend David o’Russell. From what iv researched about Jonze he is a very well established person in the world of media and design, a well known individual who has many extensive roles and works that are well published. Jonze has also worked as the Co-Founder and editor of “Dirt” magazine, along with Mark Lewman and Andy jenkins along with the editor of Grand Royal Magazine and senior photographer for Transworld Skateboarding.

I was overwhelmed by the sheer range of works by spike Jonze a truly inspiring individual who was well travelled and well experienced in a wide range of feilds such as editing, photography, design, directing, co-producing, computer graphics and a business man. A well known person who has clearly impacted the world of media and has a key role in the extreme sporting industry, as well as starring and working for majour films that have hot box office around the world.

Jonze is also well knwon for his alter ego’s that have also been featured in famous videos, such as Jonze’s alter egos called Richard Koufey, Jonze filmed himself dancing in a public area on a boom box to Fatboy Slims “Praise you”, Jonze showed the footage to Slim who loved it, Jonze then assembled a group of dancers to perform “Praise you” outside a Westwood, california movie theatre and taped it. The video receieved numerous awards in New York and California and at the MTV music awards.


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