Erik Speikerman



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The design pioneer known as Erik Speikerman was born May 30th 1947 in Stadthagen,, Germany. Erik began life at Berlin’s Free University as a student in the 1960s and 70s whilst running a hot metal printing press in the basement of his house. Erik word his way to the top of his game and become a professor of Graphic Design and communications at the University of Arts Bremen. As one of the pioneers in late 70s graphic design Erik has been designing typefaces since the early 1970’s and one of his main accomplishments is designing the Berlin Transit routes, that appear commonly around Germany Berlin. Erik has also designed pages for The Economist. (Bibliography http// (www.wikipedia.og) One of Erik’s main achievements was designing the typeface called “Tech” which only consisted of numbers. In April  23 2008, Erik had to design his own number typeface entirely from scratch. On a quote i found on the website “design.mind” Erik explains that this was a revolution in the way he thought about typefaces, and that it felt like he was going backwards in terms of design. Numbers had its own set of challenges, such as their being no diagonals and there was more restrictions, but more freedom at the same time. Speikerman quotes “But like anything in design, restrictions are necessary, otherwise i’d be like an artist”. This is very ingenious i feel as Erik calls himself n “Information Architect”, which is a very good analysis in terms of relation to his design work; it’s so structured and complex. For example the Berlin Transit posters contain their own set of rules and restrictions. Erik claims that figures are his favourite part of design, and when designing typefaces the key was to start by getting from letters A to C at least. Tech was Erik’s new leash on design, a new way to create a typeface and a whole new world of figures to figure out.

I Recently looked at the website and was so amazed by the diversity of design about Erik Spiekerman, his fame and celebrity in the design world is well deserved. i researched more about Erik Spiekerman and i found that in 1989 he started “Font Shop”, which was the worlds first mail order distributor of mail order digital fonts. Erik also worked for the company Meta Design, which is a global graphic design company, however he left in 2001. Erik Spiekerman is a personal favourite of mine, a designer with the strength to carry an industry and influence graphic design so greatly in the 20th century.


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