Alan Fletcher


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The most influential British graphic designer of the 20th century was Alan Fletcher. He founded Fletcher/Forbes/Gill in the 1960’s and Pentagram in the 1970s. Fletcher was a pioneer in terms of design techniques and originality. and created some of the best design work ever seen. Fletcher argued graphic designs role in the course of civilisation, and the aspects of design communication that mattered the most.

Alan Fletcher was born to a British family in Kenya in the 1930’s, and came to Britain at the tender age of 5 years old. Not so long after his farther became terminally ill and he was left to be brought up by his grandparents. Fletcher opted out of post – war british middle class life and took up  place at Hammersmith School of Art. However this was to be short lived as he attended an amazing 4 other different art schools. Fletcher also spent a year teaching English at Barcelona, and went on to win a place at the Royal College of Art.

Fletcher also spent a brief period of his life in the United States and attended Yale, where he was taught at the hands of design pioneer Paul Rand and artist Josef Albers. (Bibliography I read that Fletcher would have been happy living for a long period of time in the United States but he decided to move on with his life. Fletcher spent more than two decades at Pentagram, and his work is still survives and is evident at London’s V&A. One of Alan Fletcher’s many achievements was creating the font “Bodoni”, and ironically enough the same font was used to create the V&A’s  (Victoria & Albert Museum) logo.

(Bibliography with references from Alan Fletcher won a great many awards in his life, with such major awards like the Prince Phillip Prize for Designer of The Year, he was also president of the Designers and Art Directors Association 1973, and he was also elected Hall of Fame for the New York Art Directors Club in 1994. Fletcher was also a senior of the Royal College of Art in 1989. unfortunately his legacy came to an end when he died of cancer in London in 2007, an art exhibition was held in London to honor his memory. It’s such a shame that a huge name in the design world was stripped away as he had many years of knowledge and charisma behind him in the design world. It’s a loss that has impacted the design world greatly in my opinion, and Fletcher was one of my personal favorite’s. Fletchers minimalist style of design and his bizarre concept of ideas have completely revolutionized the world of modern graphic design. I really liked the work that Fletcher did for Pentagram and the vast amount of recognition that he received for it. However i feel that his personal work he did has defined him as a very talented individual who’s work will inspire hundreds of generations to come in the future. His work lives on and is easily accessible to view and i think this is a huge privilege as a designer.


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