Neville Brody


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I researched the Graphic Designer Neville Brody, and i was very intruigued and interested in his concept of design and typography. Neville Brody is a well known British pioneer in graphic design. He grew up in Southgate North london and began to learn about graphic design in the late 1970’s. I found a book of his called “The Graphic Language of Neville Brody”, and began to read and research this famous designers history.

I realised that Brody was one of the best known British Graphic Designers of his generation and he specialised mostly in Magazine and poster design in the early 1980s. he created his first typeface in 1979, which was said to be more of an illustrative typeface than the sterotypical clean cut typefaces such as Helvetica. Brody first started a B.A Graphic Design course in Londons “College of Print” in the autumn of 1976. He soon became influenced by the famous pioneers in graphic design such as El Lissisky and Kasmir Malevich, and he documents in his book that his main influence of design was the philosphical teachings of the Bauhaus in the 1930s.

Brody began working for a company called “Rocking Russian” right after leaving college where he was responsible for designing album sleeves and Tshirts. Brody created sleeves for bands such as “Rich Kids” ex Sex Pistol band member Glen Matlocks band. Brody explains that he was there for 9 months and it was a time of absolute poverty, i can only sympathise with him as he explains and i quote ” The worst run institution i’ve ever been in”.

After his short time in Rocking Russian, Brody began working for LCP college in the 1980s where he learnd the importance of design communication and techniques. LCP had a reputation as the best Graphic Design College in Europe. However ironicly Brody explains that it gave him nothing but greif whilst being there. Brody also explains around this time he was highly influenced by Herbert Spencer’s “Pioneers of Modern Typography” and also magazine “Campo Graphico in Italy in the 1930’s”.

Some of Brodys well known work are for music company Fetish Records and he has had designs appear in such well knwon graphic design magazines a modern magazines, such as his well known “The Face” in the mid 1980’s, New Socialist, City Limits, Arena and Vive. Overall i was very interested in brodys work and am very influenced by his work. Also his influences have given me new names to research and look at.


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